Safety Patrol

This page contains information about the NH Safety Patrol program.


The NHDOT Safety Patrol, sponsored by GEICO, program responds mostly to minor incidents by offering assistance to disabled vehicles or drivers. The Safety Patrol assists in moving debris out of the roadways, assists in traffic control operations during initial stages of major incidents, and provides valuable traffic and incident scene information back to appropriate NHDOT personnel.
The Safety Patrol responds to new incidents every day resulting in approximately 5,000 annually.

2022 NH Safety Patrol Truck


Improve departmental service and meet customer expectations when responding to minor incidents that increase travel delay.


Minimize average call duration and log all incidents encountered. Work to receive 80% feedback from assisted motorists to further improve services.

NHDOT Safety Patrol, sponsored by GEICO, and the Drivers

The NHDOT Safety Patrol is sponsored by GEICO, and the drivers are NHDOT employees. While the vehicle driven during patrol hours is branded with the GEICO logo, the drivers are hired and paid by NHDOT. The drivers wear safety vests that identify them as NHDOT employees.

Coverage Areas and Times

Two (2) fully equipped patrol vehicles operate on 16 miles of I-95 from the Massachusetts border to the Maine border and 44 miles of the Spaulding Turnpike for approximately five (5) hours per day, Monday-Thursday, nine and a half (9 ½) hours on Friday and, eight (8) hours Saturday and Sunday from the weekend prior to Memorial Day Weekend to the weekend after Labor Day weekend. In the winter months, from mid-September to mid-May, the Safety Patrol patrols the I-95 and Spaulding Turnpike five (5) hours a day, Monday-Friday

Safety Patrol RoutesTwo (2) fully equipped patrol vehicles operate on 53.5 miles of the Central Turnpike from the Massachusetts state line to I-93 Exit 14 in Concord for approximately six and a half (6.5) hours per day, Monday-Thursday, eight and a half (8.5) hours on Fridays and six hours (6) on Sundays.

Additionally, one (1) vehicle currently operates on I-93 year-round with service on I-93 from the Massachusetts State Line to the Southern Merge at I-93 and I-293 for approximately six (6) hours per day, Monday-Thursday, four (4) hours on Friday and, eight (8) hours on Sunday.

Determining Who Needs Assistance

The NHDOT Safety Patrol, sponsored by GEICO, units patrol in the coverage areas continuously during operating hours. During their patrol, Safety Patrol drivers stop and help stranded motorists they encounter. If a unit is already on the way to a major incident, it may bypass a stranded motorist, but will report the breakdown.

Compensation of Drivers and Services

Motorists are not charged for services provided by the NHDOT Safety Patrol, sponsored by GEICO, and drivers do not accept tips.

Type of Assistance Provided

The NHDOT Safety Patrol, sponsored by GEICO, units can provide assistance to motorists by changing a flat tire, jump-starting a car, making small safety repairs, and/or calling a tow truck or other safety service.

Rear Shot of Safety Patrol TruckLimitations of NHDOT Safety Patrol Services

The NHDOT Safety Patrol, sponsored by GEICO, is not a wrecker service and does not tow vehicles. The special bumper on the patrol vehicle is used to push a disabled vehicle to the shoulder to clear congestion and maintain safety. The patrol driver will then help call a wrecker for the motorist.

NHDOT Safety Patrol drivers are not law enforcement officers. They do help the State Police with traffic direction and other needed tasks at accidents and other incidents. The assistance the Safety Patrol drivers provide frees troopers to do their primary job: performing normal and necessary law enforcement duties.

GEICO Sponsorship

NHDOT is proud to team up with GEICO. The goal of the collaborative sponsorship is to create a long-term, supplemental funding source for the Safety Patrol program.

Additional information about the program can be found at Assisted motorists may share their experience with the Safety Patrol on this website, or by posting to social media using the hashtag #GEICOSafetyPatrol.

The NHDOT Safety Patrol program is operated solely by New Hampshire DOT personnel who are not authorized to contact GEICO on behalf of the motorists or assist in insurance claims.


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