Contractors wishing to bid on projects advertised by the NHDOT should review and complete the document provided below, the Contractor Prequalification Package. This document includes copies of the Prequalification Statement and “Standard Form-Request for Proposal”.

Your attention is called to TRA 401:04 Contractor Information, subsection (c) of the regulations, regarding an audited financial statement by an independent Certified Public Accountant and his/her letter of unqualified opinion. Also please note TRA 401.06(a), which states “in no case shall a request for prequalification be accepted after the tenth day set for the opening of bids for the project on which the contractor under consideration intends to bid”.

In regards to the “Standard Form-Request for Proposal”, the following information may be helpful. This form is to be completed at each request for bidding documents from this Department.

  • Under the item “Value of uncompleted Work”, list the total value of work remaining to be done on contracts.
  • Under the item “Amount of uncompleted Work to be done by Subs”, list the dollar value of work remaining that is to be done by others.

Prospective Bidders should also be aware that all projects require a bid guaranty and projects for which the apparent low bid exceeds $35,000 or more will require a 100% contract bond which must be filed with the Contract Office prior to Governor and Council approval of the contract.

All Public Works projects, regardless of the bid amount will require a 100% contract bond.

Liability insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance is also required. The necessary amounts are specified in the 2016 Road and Bridge Specifications and in the Special Provisions for each project.

Each applicant will need to submit a letter from their bonding company indicating both single and aggregate bonding limits. If any further information is desired regarding your request for prequalification, please feel free to contact me at 603-271-3402 or email me at