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For years spanning the 1990s and 2000s, NH's state agencies affected by transportation partnered to develop a central body to coordinate community transportation services statewide, with the goal being to reduce duplication, increase the availability of service, and make scarce resources go further as the need for transportation increases with an aging and growing population. Those efforts culminated in the formal establishment of the Statewide Coordinating Council (SCC) for Community Transportation in 2010.

Per RSA 239:B,the SCC's duties include:

I. Develop, implement, and provide guidance for the coordination of community transportation options within New Hampshire so that the general public, in particular citizens in need of access to essential services and activities, can access local and regional transportation services and municipalities, human service agencies, and other organizations can purchase shared ride coordinated transportation services for their citizens, clients, and customers.

II. Set statewide coordination policies for community transportation, establish community transportation regions, encourage the development of regional coordination councils, assist other regional efforts as needed, and monitor the results of statewide coordination.

III. Approve the formation of regional coordination councils and the selection of regional transportation coordinators, according to such criteria and guidelines as the SCC may establish.

IV. Solicit and accept donations for funding to implement and sustain community transportation.

A core component of the SCC was the establishment of Regional Coordinating Councils (RCCs) to carry out regional initiatives. The RCCs include local transportation providers, funding agencies, consumers, and agencies requiring transportation services. There are 8 RCCs, with regional boundaries largely determined by having common human services destinations such as hospitals. The RCCs are developing helpful information for current and potential riders in their communities, including directories of local transportation services. Please click here for a map of the NH RCC map

A standalone SCC website went live in spring 2024! Please visit the Keep NH Moving website for all things SCC, including SCC meeting minutes, coordinated plans, etc.: Home - Keep NH Moving

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