Fuel Distribution

Rain or shine, warm or cool, ALWAYS get your fuel!!

Chapter 423 228:24- a of the laws of 1983 (as amended), established the "Motor Fuel Inventory Fund" that authorizes the Department to sell motor fuel to all departments and institutions of the state, political subdivisions of the state, eligible nonprofit corporations operating transportation under contract with the department of transportation for elderly or disabled persons. We strive to administer a Statewide Fuel Distribution System to allow for successful operations as intended in NH RSA 228:24-a, and to meet the Department's objectives relative to motor fuels, and the storage and distribution of other fuels.


To determine eligibility, please see the “User Agreement” pdf in our Document Library dropdown.


Our goals are to operate and maintain a statewide automated fueling system for all departments and institutions of the state and political subdivisions to eliminate retail (off street) fuel purchases for government vehicles. We are improving accountability of fuel usage in all government agencies using state owned fuel to control inventory and provide necessary oversight with a statewide fuel management system.


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