Statewide Transportation Program

New Hampshire’s Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is a federally required four-year plan that provides details about transportation projects that are being implemented in New Hampshire.

The STIP contains federally funded projects, in addition to regionally significant projects. The STIP is developed in cooperation with the New Hampshire Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs). The STIP is required per 23 CFR 450.218 to include a financial plan that shows all current available funding and is financially constrained. Opportunities to comment on the STIP can be made during the public comment period.


Current 2023-2026 STIP Project List


Prior Amendments in the 2023-2026 STIP

Procedural Documentation


Interagency Notes for Federal Fiscal Year 2023

2021-2024 STIP through Amendment 4 Approved July 19, 2022
2019-2022 STIP through Amendment 4 Approved June 11, 2020
2017-2020 STIP through Amendment 5 Approved October 11, 2018
2015-2018 STIP through Amendment 4 Approved July 11, 2016
2013-2016 STIP through Amendment 6 Approved August 8, 2014