Alton Bay Seaplane Base and Ice Runway

Alton Bay Seaplane Base is a public-use seaplane base in the summer and a plowed ice runway in the winter.

Alton Bay Seaplane Base is located in Belknap County and provides direct access to Lake Winnipesaukee, as well as, access to the local restaurants and shops that surround the bay. The airport is run by a dedicated group of volunteers who assist pilots (seaplane, ski, and conventional) flying into the bay throughout the year and who also plow the ice runway, parallel taxiway, and parking area according to a specific plan set and GPS coordinates in the winter. The ice runway attracts several hundred pilots during its 4-8 week season and it can be one of the busiest airports in the state on winter weekends.

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  • Each winter, this unique airport in New England opens for just a short time. It is a great opportunity to try something new and challenging and experience some terrific winter flying. The FAA Safety Team has put together some information that will help you make good decisions when operating in and out of the Ice Runway.
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