Gifford Field

Gifford Field is the northern most airport in the State. Its size limits it to small category aircraft however the airport is open in the winter to ski equipped airplanes.

Colebrook, New Hampshire is located in Coos County, 10 miles from the Canadian border. The town sits by the Connecticut River in the pristine "Great North Woods". Exceptional fishing, hunting, camping and hiking are available in the Connecticut Lakes area as this is one of the most untamed areas still available in the Northeast.  Snowmobilers can travel the trails throughout the area (rental snowmobiles are readily available) and even cross the border into Canada.

Other Interesting Area Information …

  • Gifford Field is just 9 miles from the famous Balsam's Grand Resort Hotel and Wilderness Ski Area, a full service American Plan Resort including one of the finest golf courses in the state.
  • Vermont is to the immediate west of Gifford Field across the Connecticut River.
  • A scenic drive up US Route 3 goes past Gifford Field through the center of Colebrook; US Route 3 then winds northward 40 miles through Stewartstown and Pittsburg. Leaving Pittsburg (the most northerly town in New Hampshire) you now leave civilization behind and go 22 miles to the Quebec border. Spotting of moose or other wildlife is virtually guaranteed.
  • Looking for a new golf course? Colebrook County Country Club is convenient to the airport and is an attractive location. The club offers full lodging, dining and additional recreational activities.

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