Hampton Airfield

Hampton Airfield was established in 1946 as a training center for World War II veterans.

Hampton is a beautiful community located between Boston and Portsmouth. The area's three towns, Hampton, North Hampton and Hampton Falls have a rich seacoast atmosphere. With Hampton Beach nearby whale watching, sunbathing and all forms of professional entertainment and fine dining are available. A major attraction is Hampton Airfield making the airfield a destination in itself.

The owners have preserved the airfield in its original design and intent and is New Hampshire's center for some 60 aircraft including antique and classic types. The Airfield Cafe invites diners to "bird watch". Two antique aircraft restoration shops provide antique rebuilding and service. Open cockpit biplane rides and banner towing are available. A flight school offers 1946 Piper Cub training, checkout and rental. Private and Instrument ratings are also offered.

Other Interesting Area Information …

  • Legend has it that in 1946 the original owners bought 17 parcels of land to make up what was to be a gladiola farm. Once all parcels were obtained they opened the airport! Although it has never been proven as true the airport now grows gladiolas in front of the cafe deck to make good on the promise.
  • Hampton Airfield is home to the FAA Vintage Chapter #15 - Clubhouse and flight line shack.
  • A resurected grand hotel "The Wentworth" has reopened in nearby Newcastle.
  • Air Explorer Squadron #15 calls Hampton home.
  • A Northeast Airlines DC-3 (Dakota Aviation) is on static display. You can board, sit in the captain's seat and imagine yourself piloting aviation's golden era workhorse!
  • Hampton Airfield has had continuous Piper Cub training since 1946.

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