Hawthorne-Feather Airpark

Hawthorne-Feather Airpark is the location of the former Nathaniel Hawthorne Aviation College.

Hawthorne-Feather Airpark is located in the Monadnock Region of western New Hampshire. Major towns in the area include Antrim, Deering, Hillsborough and Peterborough. Those visiting the area will find plenty to see and do with camping, biking, skiing and snowmobiling. Pat's Peak is nearby for those interested in skiing, snowboarding and other popular winter activities. Franklin Pierce Lake is a popular boating and recreational area. The town of Hillsborough, a "Main Street USA" community, is in the midst of a downtown revitalization. Lots of antiquing and vintage items are to be found while strolling the sidewalks of Hillsborough while still within reach of convenient food and dining options.

Other Interesting Area Information …

  • Some of the best prices in Avgas can be found at Hawthorne-Feather's self-serve pumps but you must have the appropriate fueling card. Contact the airport for information.
  • Near Hawthorne-Feather Airpark you will find many small inns, cottages and bed & breakfasts.
  • The Franklin Pierce Homestead, home of the 14th President of the United States, is located in Hillsborough.
  • Nearby Washington, New Hampshire is the first town in the United States named after the nation's first president.
  • Every July Hillsborough hosts the annual Hillsborough Balloon Festival. A fun activity for the whole family.

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