Local Public Agency (LPA)

Local Public Agency (LPA)

LPA Training - New Training in October 2024

In conjunction with the LPA Manual, the Bureau developed LPA Certification training. This mandatory training teaches the steps and procedures listed in the LPA Manual that a project sponsor and consultant are required to follow when implementing a project. The certification training is (2) half days and will follow the implementation of a project from inception to final inspection using the information found in the LPA Manual. Office of Federal Compliance, Labor Compliance training will be a separate ½ day training requirement, and a Labor Compliance Certificate will be mandatory to be fully certified for construction. In total, an LPA certified person will need 3 half days of training. Two (2) half days of LPA training and one (1) half day of Office of Federal Compliance training to oversee a project from inception through construction. See "LPA Training Registration/LPA Exam" link for additional information below.

Test Option

Anyone who holds a current LPA certificate may request a test for recertification instead of attending the 2-day virtual/in-person training. This test will cover all the material taught at the training. 32 correct answers out of 36 questions will be required to earn the LPA certification. Test will be emailed to you upon request as long as you hold a current LPA certificate and are seeking recertification. All the materials from the class will be available on our website for your use. The test is open book using the Power Points from the class and the LPA Manual. The test will be a fillable pdf form. When complete you will email the test back to the Department for scoring. If a passing grade is achieved, a certificate will be emailed back to you for your records. If you do not pass you will be contacted with your score. You may take the test two times. If you do not pass the second time you will be required to attend training. The test option will be available at any time. The training classes will be offered typically twice a year, spring and fall.

Training and Certification

LPA Training Registration/LPA Exam

LPA Manual

April 2nd & 3rd, 2024 Agenda

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