Rented / Hired Equipment

Winter Operations Support

New Hampshire winter weather can be a challenge. Maintaining our roads can be a demanding job. We won't sugarcoat it - it requires a set of skills and abilities that not everyone has.

If you have what it takes and are interested in working for the DOT, as a contractor, or as an employee, then let's get started.

Private Contractors with Equipment

Please call or email David Gray, Winter Maintenance Program Specialist. If you email please include your address (town) and a description of your equipment.

Note: Contractors must become a State Vendor and obtain the necessary insurance.


Looking for Full-Time Work with Great Benefits? Please Apply!

Please call Krista Robichaud, NH DOT Training & Recruitment Specialist, at (603) 271-8026 or email

Individuals looking for employment are encouraged to review our current Job Opportunities.