Airport Registration Program

The New Hampshire Department of Transportation/Bureau of Aeronautics is responsible for issuing appropriate registration certificates if it is satisfied that an airport conforms to minimum standards of safety and a safe air traffic pattern is identified.

Registration certificates and renewal thereof may be issued subject to any conditions that the Department may deem necessary. It is important for all airport owners to consider registering their new airports with the Department. If for public use, your airport could be eligible for state and/or federal grant funds for airport improvement projects and airport preservation efforts. Even if registered as a private-use airport, you may be protected from any future legislation passed by your local municipality against the operation of airports. In addition, per New Hampshire state law (RSA 422:28-VI), it is prohibited for any person to operate or permit the operation of aircraft on or from any airport for compensation or hire, unless said area is registered with the Department of Transportation/Bureau of Aeronautics. Temporary heliports where commercial aircraft operations are intended, typically established at local events, also must be registered. There is no fee for registering at an airport.