Central Turnpike

The Central Turnpike, commonly known as the F. E. Everett Turnpike, extends from the Massachusetts state line in Nashua to Exit 14 in Concord.

Ariel view of Hooksett Toll Booths

Its distance is 39.5 miles and, in part, constitutes a portion of US Interstate Highways 93 and 293. It connects three urban centers in New Hampshire (the cities of Concord, Manchester and Nashua). The route also connects with the major East-West roads in New Hampshire (NH 101, US 4 and I-89).

Three toll plazas are located on the Central Turnpike; two at Hooksett (main line and ramp), a main line plaza in Bedford. There are maintenance facilities at Nashua, Merrimack and Hooksett. Park and Ride facilities are located in Hooksett (Exit 11) and Nashua (Exit 7 and Exit 8).

Visit NH RideShare for detailed park and ride information. In addition, two full service welcome centers are provided in Hooksett along I-93 NB and SB for the convenience of Turnpike System patrons. A satellite DMV office and E-ZPass Walk-In center is located off Exit 6 in Nashua.

Hooksett Toll Plaza (Main)

Ariel view of Hooksett Toll Booths Hooksett Toll Booths

Hooksett Open Road Toll

Hooksett Toll Booths Hooksett Toll Booths

The Hooksett Toll Plaza opened on August 30, 1957. The toll plaza was renovated and converted to an open road toll (ORT) facility in May 2013. The plaza has a total of 16 lanes with 2 ORT lanes in each direction and 6 cash/E-ZPass lanes in each direction.

The Hooksett Plaza is located between Concord NH, the states' capital, and Manchester, NH, the states' largest city.

Hooksett Ramp Toll Plaza - Exit 11

Hooksett Toll Booths Hooksett Toll Booths

Hooksett Ramp Toll is part of the Hooksett Main Toll and is staffed and managed by the Hooksett Toll.

Bedford Toll Plaza

Bedford Toll Booth Bedford Toll Booth

Bedford Toll is a commuter plaza, which opened on January 4, 1989. The plaza replaced the Merrimack mainline toll plaza which was dismantled. The Bedford Toll Plaza has a total of 13 lanes, 6 in each direction with one reversible lane in the center.