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Posted: January 25, 2021


Eileen P. Meaney, John Corcoran, Turnpikes Bureau
(603) 485-3806

Cash Reload Card Now Available For New Hampshire E-ZPass Customers

NH E-ZPass Reload Card Makes It Easier For Customers To Replenish Accounts

The New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) announced today a new way for customers to replenish their E-ZPass account with cash. In addition to customers being able to add cash at New Hampshire E-ZPass Walk In Service Center locations, customers can now replenish their account with cash at participating retail locations with the E-ZPass Reload Card.

Now, all customers who have or would like to have a New Hampshire E-ZPass account, including those who are purely cash-based and those who prefer not to use their credit or debit cards to automatically replenish their accounts, can easily add funds to their accounts with the New Hampshire E-ZPass Reload Card. The card is conveniently available for purchase and reloading at participating convenience stores throughout New Hampshire, and soon will be available at additional retailers in the state.

The E-ZPass Reload Card is a wallet-size reusable card that can be linked to a New Hampshire E-ZPass account. Customers will purchase the Reload Card from the gift card display at participating retailers and will add an initial reload amount from $10 to $500, plus the additional $1.50 retailer convenience fee. The card can then be linked to the customer's account by calling the phone number on the back of the Reload Card. Once connected to an account, the funds will be credited immediately, and the driver can use the toll roads with their designated transponder.

To reload the card, New Hampshire E-ZPass customers must present the same E-ZPass Reload Card in-store, and any funds purchased with automatically be loaded to their E-ZPass accounts upon completion of the transaction.

New Hampshire E-ZPass has approximately 490,000 customer accounts. Over 75 percent of all transactions on the New Hampshire Turnpike System are with E-ZPass.

To view a list of participating retailers, please go to: