For Immediate Release
Posted: April 23, 2021


Travis Toner
(603) 271-8252 |
Eileen P. Meaney, Chief Communications Officer
(603) 271-6495

Solicitation of Interest, X-A005 (093), 41129F

For On-The-Job Training (OJT) Supportive Services

The New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) is soliciting expressions of interest from 
qualified and experienced firms or individuals to provide services necessary to support the On-The-Job 
Training (OJT) Program as administered by the NHDOT. The Program is funded by the Federal Highway 
Administration (FHWA) in the amount of $44,591.00, $9,000 of those funds is set aside for the CDL 
Class-B Training of 3 individuals who will be reimbursed $3,000 upon successful completing of the 
training. The scope of work is to assist with the recruitment and removal of barriers to the employment 
of minorities, women and disadvantaged individuals for positions as on-the-job trainees for Federal-aid 
road and bridge construction projects as outlined in 23 CFR 230, subpart A. The length of the resultant 
contract will be approximately one year, with an option to renew for an additional year if agreed upon 
by both parties. The expected projected start date is November 1, 2021. Frequent travel within the 
State of New Hampshire may be required.

Prequalification Criteria

All firms and individuals intending to bid on this project must complete a Prequalification Statement 
and submit it to the Office of Federal Compliance to the individual and email listed below. 
Prequalification will be based on the contractor’s ability to provide work related to recruitment and 
removal of barriers to the employment of minorities, women and disadvantaged individuals for 
positions as on-the-job trainees for Federal-aid road and bridge construction projects. Additionally, 
each contractor should demonstrate knowledge of the Federal regulations indicated above. A scope of 
work detailing the specific objectives of this contract will be provided with the Prequalification 

Based on the information provided in each Prequalification Statement, an evaluation team will identify 
contractors that are best qualified with respect to their demonstrated capacity to perform stated 
services. All prequalified contractors will then be invited to bid on the above project. Each invitation to 
bid will include a sample contract with a detailed scope of work and all necessary bid documents. 
Prequalification will be determined solely on the information provided in this announcement and the 
Prequalification Statement.

To obtain a Prequalification Statement or additional information regarding this notice, please contact 
Travis Toner, External EEO Coordinator, Office of Federal Compliance, at (603) 271-8252 or via email at

All prequalification statements must be received on or before close of business at 4:00 pm, May 
7, 2021.