Airport State Block Grants Programs

The State of New Hampshire, through its Department of Transportation Bureau of Aeronautics (Bureau), has been recommended by the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) New England Region to be a member of FAA's Airport Block Grant Program (Program). This Program has been in existence in the United States since Congress authorized the pilot program in 1990.

The Bureau's relationship with FAA is as strong as ever. The state's inclusion into the Program enables the Bureau to be an extension of FAA's New England Region. Because of the Bureau's working relationships with the aviation community in NH, the Bureau has a better understanding of local issues and needs that are used to help determine project and funding priorities. By giving the state the funding assistance, the FAA gives the Bureau the flexibility to redistribute these funds for non-primary airport improvements based, in part, on local needs.

  • The Bureau manages the Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grants for all non-primary NPIAS airports and the statewide program.
  • The Bureau provides input and decisions on project-related issues and questions instead of the FAA.
  • The FAA works with the Bureau as backup to assist the Bureau.
  • The FAA is one of the Bureau's many technical resources.
  • The Program airports coordinate all project-related issues with the Bureau. FAA provides input only upon request.
  • The Bureau continues to operate its non-Airport Block Grant Program funding programs.
  • The Bureau continues to provide additional guidance to Program airports through meetings and Web site updates.
  • The Program allows the Bureau to allocate non-primary entitlement and state general aviation apportionment funds to meet local needs. FAA continues to control the distribution of discretionary funds to non-primary NPIAS airports.
  • The Program airports have experienced little to no interruption of service of their AIP grants.
  • The Bureau continues to utilize FAA regulations, guidance and policies to implement projects within the Program such as: Airport Capital Improvement Program; Project Scoping Meetings; Grant Applications; Grant Offers; Grant Reimbursement Requests.

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