Highway Block Grant Aid

By law, all municipalities in the State having Class IV and V mileage are entitled to Highway Block Grant Aid. RSA 235:23 stipulates the funding apportionments.

Highway Block Grant Aid is distributed to municipalities by the State of New Hampshire on a yearly basis with partial disbursements made four times a year. Sixty percent (60%) of the funds are distributed in the first two payments (30% in July and October) and the other 40% in the final two payments (20% in January and April). The funds can only be used for construction, reconstruction and maintenance of each municipality’s Class IV and V highways. It can, therefore, be used to be part of the match for a project in the bridge aid program. It also can be used towards equipment to maintain the local roads. The intent here is that it be used towards the local roads; i.e., not used to build a new library or school or buy a fire truck.

Highway Block Grant Aid Program (Class IV & V Highways)