NHDOT/ACEC-NH Highway Design Subcommittee

Mission Statement: NHDOT/ACEC-NH Subcommittee was established to promote consistency and communicate issues of common concern between the NHDOT and the consultant community, with a focus on the roadway design process, specific technical design elements, innovations, and contract delivery methods

NHDOT/ACEC-NH Highway Design Subcommittee

  • Meeting Schedule: 2nd Tuesday of the Month 8:00am-9:30am, NHDOT Lobby Conference Room 112/113 (**Due to COVID, meetings are being held virtually until further notice**)
  • Charter



  • Jim Marshall, Administrator, Highway Design (Chair)
  • Ronald Grandmaison, NHDOT
    Term Expiration: December 2025
  • Curtis Morrill, NHDOT
    Term Expiration: December 2025
  • Corey Spetelunas, NHDOT
    Term Expiration: December 2024
  • Cassandra Burns, NHDOT
    Term Expiration, December 2025
  • Jonathan Hebert, NHDOT
    Term Expiration, December 2025

NH Consulting Engineering member firm:

  • Clint Mercer, Jacobs
    Term Expiration: December 2023
  • Bill Ashford, Kleinfelder
    Term Expiration: December 2023
  • Brian Colburn, McFarland Johnson
    Term Expiration: December 2024
  • Benjamin Martin, VHB
    Term Expiration: December 2024
  • Phil Kendall, HNTB
    Term Expiration, December 2025
  • Mark Debowski, GPI
    Term Expiration, December 2025

Meeting Minutes






Design Templates & Plan Development Checklists

The following documents have been developed by the Sub Committee and are provided for use by designers. Any questions or comments to improve upon these lists are strongly encouraged and should be directed to individual(s) listed:

Design Templates & Checklist- Committee Updates 12/8/2020

It is expected that a completed checklist be submitted with each respective plan submission to assist the Department in their review.