Aircraft Registration Information

New Hampshire Aircraft Registration is independent of the FAA Aircraft Registration.

All New Hampshire residents are required to register their aircraft within 10 days of the date of purchase and must maintain a current registration on it at all times regardless of whether the aircraft is airworthy or physically located in New Hampshire. Additionally, any aircraft owned by a non-resident that is based in New Hampshire for more than 90 days in one year must be registered. Aircraft registrations are non-transferable.

In accordance with New Hampshire statutes RSA Chapter 422 and Code of Administrative Rules Chapter Tra 900, all aircraft owned by New Hampshire residents and/or businesses must be registered annually with the Bureau of Aeronautics regardless of whether the aircraft is in flyable condition or is based or physically located in New Hampshire.

New Aircraft Registration

To begin the registration process, please complete the NH Aircraft Registration Pre-Application which is a fillable form however, you will need to print it to sign it before you send it to us. Please email it along with a legible copy of a dated bill of sale to or mail it to:

New Hampshire Dept. of Transportation
Bureau of Aeronautics
PO Box 483
Concord, NH 03302-0483

We will review the completed Pre-Application form and send you an Application for Aircraft Registration which will let you know what the registration fee is.

Once you have received the Application for Aircraft Registration, you will then need to confirm all the information is correct, sign, date and return the Application form to the Bureau of Aeronautics with a check made payable to TREASURER STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE.

Renewal of Aircraft Registration

Aircraft registration must be renewed on an annual basis. The Bureau of Aeronautics mails renewal forms six (6) weeks prior to the expiration of the certificate. It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact us if the renewal form is not received. All aircraft registrations being renewed after January 1, 2019 will be at the new rates per RSA 422:31 III.

An aircraft operating fee will be $100 for an antique, glider or experimental aircraft. The amount of the fee for all other aircraft shall be based on the maximum certified gross weight of the aircraft as follows:

0 - 3,000 lbs. $ 100
3,001 - 8,000 lbs. $ 250
8,001 - 12,500 lbs. $2,500
more than 12,500 lbs. $3,500

To process your registration renewal form, please follow these steps:

  1. Verify Owner Information is correct on the registration form. If not, make changes as necessary on the back of the registration form.
  2. Verify the Aircraft Base is correct. If not, enter the correct Aircraft Base.
  3. Aircraft based at private fields, misc., or out of state are assigned to the “State Airport System” (SAS). Since a portion of the operating fee is returned to the public airport where it is based, it is important that we have the correct location listed.
  4. Verify the remaining aircraft information is correct. If not, please make corrections.
  5. Answer the question “Is the Aircraft Flyable?” by checking the appropriate box. If the answer is NO, you may be eligible for a waiver of the registration fees. If the aircraft is not airworthy and you would like to request an Unflyable Waiver by checking the box to send you an Unflyable Waiver Application.
  6. Answer the question “Is the Aircraft based in another state?” by checking the appropriate box. If the answer is YES, you may be eligible to receive a waiver of the registration fees. If the aircraft is based in a state that has comparable registration requirements and you would like to request a Resident Waiver, please do so by checking the box to send you a Resident Waiver Application.
  7. Sign and Date the application.
  8. If payment is applicable, write a check for the amount due payable to TREASURER STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE.
  9. Mail signed application and any applicable fee to the Bureau of Aeronautics using the envelope enclosed with your registration notice.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not able to process online registrations or payments.

Dealer Registration of Aircraft

Registration Requirements:

In order to register any aircraft held for the purpose of sale under the provisions of this section, an aircraft dealer shall:

  1. Possess a currently effective state registration as a commercial aviation operator; and
  2. Own or lease sufficient space to park or hangar at least 2 aircraft at a registered commercial-use airport within the state.

Application for Registration as an Aircraft Dealer:

An applicant for registration as an aircraft dealer shall provide the Bureau with the following information on a form provided for that purpose:

  1. Name of the registered commercial aviation operator;
  2. Mailing address;
  3. One or more telephone numbers where the applicant can be reached during normal business hours;
  4. Physical address, if different than the mailing address;
  5. A certificate of authority from the New Hampshire secretary of state to do business within the state, if such registration is required by law;
  6. Names and addresses of the person or persons authorized to act on behalf of the aircraft dealer;
  7. A list of aircraft currently in inventory for which an aircraft dealer registration certificate will be issued.
  8. The number of aircraft expected to be added to and maintained in inventory for the registration year.
  9. An annual fee of $350.00
  10. One or more of the following documents, to evidence the applicant’s authority to register the aircraft under the aircraft dealer certificate:
    1. A copy of a bill of sale to the applicant;
    2. A copy of the currently effective FAA registration certificate showing the applicant as the FAA registrant;
    3. A copy of an agreement or contract which specifically grants authority to the aircraft dealer to act as agent for the owner in matters relating to the sale of the aircraft; or
    4. Any other items which shows ownership or control of the aircraft.

The Bureau shall issue an aircraft dealer registration to the applicant if:

  1. The applicant meets the definition of an aircraft dealer;
  2. The applicant aircraft dealer:
    1. Owns or appears to own the aircraft listed upon the application; or
    2. Is acting as agent for the owner of the aircraft, in accordance with an agreement or contract; and
    3. Other aircraft owned by the applicant, if any, are not unregistered or the subject of a suspension or revocation of certificate action by the Bureau.

Conditions and Restrictions

  1. The aircraft dealer inventory report form must be carried at all times in the aircraft.
  2. Aircraft dealer registrations are valid from January 1 through December 31 of each year.
  3. Dealer aircraft inventory report forms for aircraft added to inventory during the registration year are effective from date of acquisition through December 31 of that year.
    1. An unflyable aircraft may be registered under a dealer aircraft registration certificate, if the unflyable aircraft is listed for sale with the dealer.
    2. No person shall register an aircraft offered for sale under a dealer aircraft registration certificate unless physical possession of the aircraft has been relinquished to the control of the dealer; and
    3. No aircraft dealer shall use an aircraft registered under a dealer aircraft registration for other than ferrying and demonstration flights.

Registration Effective Dates

The dates for registration are based on the first numeral of the N-number, not the calendar year.

N# Registration Effective Dates

1 = January 1 to December 31
2 = February 1 to January 31
3 = March 1 to February 28
4 = April 1 to March 31
5 = May 1 to April 30
6 = June 1 to May 31
7 = July 1 to June 30
8 = August 1 to July 31
9 = September 1 to August 31

Any questions regarding aircraft registration should be directed to the Bureau of Aeronautics at 603-271-2552.
Registration contacts:

Danielle R. Hutchinson, Aeronautics Program Supervisor
603-271-1094 or

Karla J. Lutz, Aeronautics Program Assistant II
(603) 271-1456 or