Welcome to the Bureau of Environment!

The Bureau of Environment's principal role is to advance the Department’s mission of “Transportation excellence enhancing the quality of life in New Hampshire,” and Environmental Policy (ENV 1), by evaluating transportation construction projects and maintenance activities and making recommendations on ways to avoid, minimize, and/or mitigate impacts on natural, cultural and socioeconomic resources.

The Bureau also acts as a liaison among the Department and applicable federal, state, local and private environmental organizations, as well as the general public. Coordinated interagency efforts address such issues as water quality, air quality, noise, wetlands, wildlife, historic resources, archeological sites, cemeteries, stonewalls, landscapes, farmlands, solid waste, hazardous waste, environmental permitting, and regulatory compliance.

The Bureau of Environment consists of three major sections and manages a number of programs:

Project Management Section - Facilitates Environmental Reviews for Project Development Projects.

Operations Management Section:

The Operations Management Section assists the Division of Operations in the planning and implementation of projects and maintenance activities in order to avoid, minimize, and/or mitigate impacts to environmental resources.

Program Management Section:

The Program Management Section is responsible for ensuring that Department projects and programs are compliant with numerous environmental laws, rules, and regulations. Activities include both Project Development efforts, and efforts associated with Operations and every day actions to promote environmental compliance throughout the Department. Work includes completing evaluations with Department staff, as well as management of consultant contracts for resource-specific reviews.

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