Research Program

The New Hampshire Department of Transportation Research Unit is located in the Bureau of Materials & Research. Our mission is to improve the transportation system and services provided to the State of New Hampshire through research and innovation, and to facilitate the implementation and delivery of beneficial technologies.

Here at NHDOT, transportation research occurs at the state, regional, and national levels. Funded by NHDOT and the State Planning & Research Part II (SPR2), an annual Federal-aid research grant program, the Work Program includes:

  • NHDOT research projects,
  • National projects including Transportation Pooled Fund projects and AASHTO Technical Service Programs, and
  • Support of Transportation Research Board (TRB) that includes the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP).
  • Explore current and completed NHDOT Research Projects through reports, technical briefs, and posters, that provide valuable information on the research that has been performed. Our researchers represent a variety of entities including academia, public organizations, private companies, and in-house DOT staff.

How are Research Suggestions submitted?

The program relies on input from NHDOT employees. Your ideas for future research can turn NHDOT problems into solutions. Topic areas to consider span the array of things that we do in all areas of transportation including Aeronautics, Bridges, Construction, Environment, Geotechnical, Maintenance, Materials, Pavements, Traffic, and Mobility

Do you have:

  • an idea that needs to be researched?
  • a process that needs to be evaluated?
  • a product that needs to be tested?

Download a Research Suggestion form:   Word Version     PDF Version

For more information:

NHDOT Research and Innovation Accomplishments

Our Research Project Map Viewer is a source for information on completed transportation research projects including experimental features and miscellaneous problem solving.

Our Decade of Innovations Viewer provides information on how NHDOT has incorporated innovative solutions into transportation projects. Color coded by benefit area, this tool will lead the viewer to information on more than 100 instances of innovations that have been implemented in New Hampshire.

The annual newsletter, Focus on Research, provides an overview of the broad impact of NHDOT's research program.

Transportation Pooled Funds

Transportation pooled-fund studies enable the New Hampshire DOT to leverage its research funding by partnering with other states and FHWA to address common research needs. New Hampshire's participation in pooled funds can be accessed through the Transportation Pooled Fund website.

FHWA Innovation Programs

NHDOT Research also coordinates the New Hampshire State Transportation Innovation Council (NH STIC) and Federal Highway Every Day Counts (EDC) programs. For more information about these initiatives, visit State Transportation Innovation Council | Department of Transportation (