Customer Portal Information and Login

Information on the EJ Ward Telematics and Fuel Control customer portal.

Disclaimer: This is a read-only access portal

What can be done on the customer portal?

  • View each department in the fleet
  • View Drivers and Driver Pins
  • View Vehicles
  • View all transactions
  • Create reports 
  • Export to Excel, PDF, or other available formats

What can NOT be done on the customer portal?

  • Add / delete drivers
  • Create PIN numbers for drivers
  • Add / Edit information for Vehicles
  • Change odometer or hour readings
  • Create / Change fleet / department information

Examples of reports:

  • Transactions by Date/Time, Department, and Vehicle 
  • Transaction by Site
  • Transaction by Vehicle
  • Transaction by Employee
  • Fuel Usage by Department

Please review the Fuel View Fleet User Manual for step-by-step instructions to add or subtract different columns to produce the desired exports and other reports.

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