New Customers - What to Expect

Here are the benefits and related information on the NH Statewide Fuel Distribution System.

Some benefits by being a customer of the NH Statewide Fuel Distribution System are: 

  • Accessibility to fuel 24/7/365, most sites have generator backup.
  • Access to the customer portal
    • Provides accountability – providing vehicle and driver information is correct.
  • Lower fuel prices per gallon – The more customers use the system, the better contract prices we can receive and pass on.
  • One monthly invoice of your fuel purchases without any Federal Excise Taxes or State Road Toll (i.e., the Gas Tax).  No need to track purchases for requesting rebates from the Road Toll Bureau.
  • Customers will be able to retrieve a detailed summary of their monthly fuel purchases via the portal.
  • Reports to manage drivers, vehicles, and maintenance for a fleet and/or specific department(s).


  • Tags or Fobs are issued to Vehicles.  Fuel Distribution invoices based on the vehicle.
  • PINs are assigned to Drivers.
  • Miscellaneous tags are used for small pieces of equipment, gas cans, and saddle tanks.  Can be programed for multiple fuels and amounts as determined by the individual customer.

If eligible and would like to be a customer of the State of NH Fuel Distribution, please go to our Document Library, and fill out the following forms.

  1. User Agreement
  2. Customer Information Sheet
  3. Customer Portal Information Sheet
  4. Vehicle Tag Request Form 
  5. Driver Request Form 
  6. If there are a large number of vehicles and drivers, you can use our Multi Driver and or Vehicle Tag Request Form

New customers will receive a fleet ID and subsequent department ID numbers once we receive the initial User Agreement.

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