Bridge Design

Welcome to the Bureau of Bridge Design!

The Bureau of Bridge Design designs and prepares contract plans for bridge rehabilitation and replacement projects. These efforts often support and are part of projects advertised through other bureaus. Bridge inspection and ratings for state and municipal bridges to monitor the conditions of publicly-owned bridges are also important functions of our bureau.

Bureau of Bridge Design Mission

Our mission is to support transportation excellence through stewardship of the bridge network that prioritizes safety for the traveling public and the maintenance, preservation, rehabilitation, and replacement of state and municipal bridges in a sustainable and cost effective manner.

Bureau of Bridge Design Strategy

  • Design, draft, and develop bridge projects that use both conventional and innovative construction materials and methods to lengthen service life and reduce life cycle costs.
  • Develop cost-effective, efficient, safe, and durable bridges that are environmentally and aesthetically sensitive.
  • Inspect and evaluate all bridges to comply with state and federal guidelines and to ensure a safe and reliable bridge network.
  • Prioritize all bridge actions based on condition, risk, and importance to maximize bridge network health and mobility.

The NHDOT Bridge Management Committee (BMC) has compiled this Annual Report on the Bridge Condition and the Bridge Program. Presented herein are data regarding the condition of all bridges in New Hampshire and the goals and status of the State and Municipal bridge programs.

Archived Annual Bridge Reports

The overarching goal of the NHDOT Bridge Program is to support “transportation excellence, enhancing the quality of life in New Hampshire” by providing safe and efficient mobility for the movement of goods, people, and services throughout the State by maintaining the bridge inventory in a state of good repair.

The following information provides a summary pertaining to load limitations imposed on Certified Vehicles crossing posted bridges. For more detailed information, refer to the referenced State Regulations, or you may contact New Hampshire Department of Safety, Division of Motor Vehicles, or the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, Bureau of Bridge Design.

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