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The Bureau of Highway Maintenance is responsible for the year-round maintenance of New Hampshire's State Highways comprising of approximately 8,710 lane-miles which are divided between six District Offices. This excludes Turnpikes. Their duties consist of winter snow and ice control, guardrail repair, mowing, road patching, litter pickup, removal of highway debris/road hazards, maintenance of drainage systems, and the Sponsor-A-Highway Program. During State Emergencies or accidents, our Highway Maintainers are often the early responders assisting in clearing roads of washout debris, fallen trees, marking a damaged road so vehicles can safely pass, or to enact detour operations if necessary.

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District Offices

In order to more efficiently maintain our State roadways, the State of New Hampshire is divided into six District Offices. Each District Office's engineering, technical and clerical staff manage day-to-day operations. Within each District there are between 14 and 19 Patrol Sheds that maintain the roadway system in an effective and efficient manner. Our dedicated Highway Maintainers and staff remain on call from mid October to late April to sand or snowplow as needed. During the winter months, each District has a "Night Patrol" that monitors the conditions of each District's roadways, applies sand and salt, and calls out our Patrol Shed Crews as needed. During the summer months Patrol Shed Crews maintain guardrail, mowing operations, litter pickup and complete various road work projects. In addition, District Office staff review applications for driveway access points, encroachment, excavation, and parades. District Offices and Patrol Sheds also provide support to many of the Department's Bureaus including Bridge Design and Bridge Maintenance, Bureau of Traffic, the Traffic Management Center, Bureau of Fuel Distribution and the Bureau of Construction.

To determine which NHDOT District Office services a city or town use the Statewide NHDOT Highway Maintenance Districts Map and Town & District Table, then click on the link below to the appropriate District Office.


Maintenance Section Information

Use the maps to locate the crew that maintains the road in question. Then use the Patrol Shed Listing for specific contact information. Note: actual road maintenance assignments may vary between winter and summer.

Winter Patrol Section Maps      |       Summer Patrol Section Maps     |      Patrol Shed Listing

For more information on the policy regarding the snow and ice removal, please read the Winter Maintenance Snow and Ice Control page.


Seasonally Posted Roads in New Hampshire

Information on seasonally posted roads is specific to each city or town. Use the NHDOT Highway Maintenance Districts Statewide Map to determine which District Office is responsible for a particular municipality. You may then contact the District Office directly for additional detailed information on posted roads, or you may visit NHDOT's Spring Road Weight Restrictions web page. 

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Special Funds & Programs to Maintain our Highways…

Through our District Offices and District Engineers, the Bureau of Highway Maintenance determines how available funding will be spent to maintain roadways. Highway Betterment Funds are allocated for maintenance & repair work that may include culvert replacements, pavement replacement, underground wiring for street lights, improving drainage systems, repairing damage from storms and washouts, and improvements to Rest Areas. 


NH Turnpikes

The Blue Star Turnpike (I-95), the FE Everett Turnpike and the Spaulding Turnpike are operated and maintained by the Bureau of Turnpikes, which is not a part of the Bureau of Highway Maintenance. Please contact Turnpike's main office at (603) 485-3806, or visit the Bureau of Turnpikes page for more information.

For a listing of Turnpike maintenance sheds with specific contact information, please look at the Turnpike Shed Listing.