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This area contains the documentation for the Department's Computer Aided Drafting/Design (CAD/D) system.

The CAD/D section has two primary functions: supporting and training the Department's MicroStation and OpenRoads users, and providing project visualization and photo rendering services.

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OpenRoads Designer is used for developing roadway layouts and 3D models of proposed projects. The links from here will inform the reader of the various components in this process.

PDF Documentation

Connect Edition Introduction updated July 12, 2023

MicroStation Connect Documentation updated July 12, 2023

OpenRoads Designer Documentation (Survey) updated February 22, 2024

OpenRoads Designer Documentation (Design) updated February 15, 2024

Appendices updated February 16, 2023

Survey Processing Checklist updated December 20, 2023

Upgrading to ORD 2023 updated February 6, 2024

OpenRoads Designer Basics

OpenRoads Survey Feature Codes

OpenRoads Designer Drawing Names

Generating Alignment Reports

VBA Macros & Utility Programs

Production Tools

OpenRoads Corridor Design Stages

Displaying Dynamic Cross Sections

Using Bing Maps

Working With LiDAR Data

Welcome to the New Hampshire Department of Transportation CAD/D File Library.

CAD/D workspace setup for MicroStation update 16 & OpenRoads Designer 2021-Release 2 133 MB.  Updated January 11, 2024.
Civil seed files, feature libraries, roadway templates, macros and other associated files for MicroStation update 16 and OpenRoads Designer 2021-Release 2.  3.5 MB. New September 13, 2023.
Sample seed project for MicroStation update 16 and OpenRoads Designer 2021-Release 2.

For help installing the workspace, see nhdot_connect-installation-readme.pdf

NHDOT CAD/D Procedures and Requirements

This document lists the current procedures and requirements to be used when drafting NHDOT CAD/D projects.

2022 CAD/D Procedures & Requirements

Previous versions of NHDOT CAD/D standards.

CAD/D Standards Archives

Excel sheet to create OpenRoads Designer parametric constraints for developing guardrail platforms.

Excel sheet to calculate culvert elevations for placement in OpenRoads Designer.

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