Cultural Resources

The Cultural Resources Program assists the Department in determining the presence of structures and areas of historic and/or archaeological significance associated with transportation projects.

This program requires coordination with historic resource agencies at the local, state and federal levels. Once areas of concern have been identified, program personnel and concerned parties make recommendations for the protection and/or mitigation of impacts to these culturally-significant sites.

Section 106 Programmatic Agreement

Program Comment for Post-1945 Concrete and Steel Bridges and Culverts

This Program Comment is intended to streamline project review by eliminating common "cookie-cutter" type bridges and culverts from Section 106 review, while focusing on more important and significant examples.


Historic Contexts:

Historic Bridge Information:

Historic Culvert Information:

Creative Section 106 Mitigation Examples

Creative Mitigation Interpretive Signage

The Flying Yankee Information and Documentation



Jill Edelmann - Cultural Resource Program Manager,
Sheila Charles - Cultural Resource Program Specialist,